Tea Affiliate Programs

If you have a tea-related website and you’re looking for a way to earn a little bit of money off it, you should consider signing up to a few affiliate programs.

How do affiliate programs work? If you refer someone to a merchant website and they end up buying something, you earn a percentage of the sale price. Let’s say you write a review of a fantastic tea, sold by one of the excellent merchants listed below. In your post you include a link to where people can buy that tea, with your affiliate code attached. A reader is tantalized by your review and decides he wants some of this tea for himself. He clicks the link in your article, buys the tea, and you earn a little commission.

List of tea affiliate programs

Tea vendors, get listed

If you’re selling tea or other tea-related merchandise, starting a tea affiliate program can help you boost your business. An affiliate program provides a great incentive for bloggers and other online publishers to promote your products. Shareasale.com is one company providing affiliate software which quite a few of the vendors above use. Another is Commission Junction, though they require you to be selling at least $50,000 a month in online sales.

Got an affiliate program already? Email me to have it listed here.

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