The Ultimate Chinese Teahouse

I consider myself a pretty passionate tea drinker, one who would go out of his way for a good cup of tea. But this, this is commitment on a whole other level.

To those who have made the epic trip to this Chinese teahouse, I salute you.

First up, we’re going to catch the cable car up to where this tea trail begins.

Catching the cable car

This, my friends, is our trail.

Trail to the teahouse

Slippery when wet.

Trail to the teahouse, number 2

Hang onto those chains!


Don’t get too distracted by the view.

Chinese mountain trail

Hang on. Things are getting a bit more steep.

More steps

Almost there now!

The final stretch

And at last… Time for a cup of tea.

The teahouse!

These photos were originally found at Used with permission.


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    Whoa! I got dizzy just looking at these photos! I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take the trip. Not me. Not on those slippery planks holding that chain. Not even for tea. I’d have to pass on that. Thank God there’s tea down below for me to have. –Teaternity

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    Wow Eric thats one crazy tea lover passion hard to fulfill. I am on Jason’s side. I can slip from one slope to another here in Darjeeling, but this is way too getting closer to the heavens hastily. But really enjoyed the pics and yes, thanks for the share. Do you know how they built that structure there?

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    Wow. . .that is really something. I’m afraid that I am too much of a coward to make the trek. Those planks alone made me jittery.

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    Whoa…that is quite incredible and something I don’t think I could do! I felt nervous just seeing those pictures! Thanks for sharing them, they were fun to look at.

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    I am not sure what info the original link gave, but I believe that these photos were taken on the Huang Shan, the wonderful craggy mountain range in Anhui Province, China. There is a cable car up to the top and back down again ( for some of the way ) but for the intrepid there is walking up and down again. I did not take this type of jaunt when we were there, but chose simple, normal walks along the forest trails instead. But believe me, I saw women in high-heels zipping along the dangerous, slippery stone trails. And yes, we drank lots of lovely Huang Shan Mao Feng ‘clouds & mist’ spring green tea while there. The locks on the railing/ chains are ‘lovers locks’ that can be purchased by couples from lock sellers set up along the trails ….one makes a wish or vow undying love ( assuming that both parties make it back down the mountain ) and then the lock is put into place and the keys are tossed over the edge into the ravine below. Ouch.

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    I was recently in Huangshan and though the mountains look familiar, I do not recall any such teahouse. Does anybody know its names or more details?

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    II would do it the first chance I get BUT I am a little crazy. I went skydiving to promote one of my teas – ONO Antioxidant Junkie. Here is my first skydiving video with my girlfriends from MAUI : Enjoy! I will post a video as soon as I take this trail to get a cup of tea too.

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    Hey Nicky,

    You might be interested in this site: That’s all about this hiking trail. According to that page, the mountain in question is Mt Huashan, and the peak shown here is one of five peaks (the most dangerous one to reach). It’s pretty chilling reading!


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    I sure hope they have the worlds best Pu-erh! After that experience, and knowing the need to go back! Impressive how many folks seam to be on the trail…

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