15 Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

Gifts for Tea Lovers

It’s the silly season, as they say. That time of year where you burn cash like it’s firewood. As my token gesture of seasonal anticipation, I have put together a list of gift ideas for tea lovers. Send this to your family and friends to give them some ideas on what to get you, or use this as a starting point if you’re buying a gift for someone who loves tea.

Tea Sample Packs

Pretty much every tea shop out there offers sample packs, which can be a great way to introduce someone to the world of tea. Adagio, for example, offer a whole range of sampler packs, including ones for black tea, oolong, white tea, green tea and herbal tea. Mighty Leaf also have a number of samplers[/mightyleaf], among them a Japanese green tea collection[/mightyleaf] and a private reserve mini loose tea collection[/mightyleaf].

Also check out samplers from Teas Etc[/teasetc], Art of Tea[/artoftea] and The Teaspot[/teaspot].

Tea of the Month Club Membership

The gift that keeps on giving. Instead of giving your loved one a handful of tea, why not give them a year’s supply? Art of Tea have 3-month, 6-month and 12-month memberships, with one seasonally selected tea going out every month. Mighty Leaf have a similar deal, with 3-month[/mightyleaf], 4-month[/mightyleaf] and 6-month[/mightyleaf] clubs. One bonus with the Mighty Leaf program is that you can find out exactly which teas you’ll get ahead of time. Alternatively, you might prefer O-Cha’s membership if you love Japanese green tea. Those are just three of the merchants with club memberships ? I’m sure you can dig up a few more!

Flowering Tea Sets

I confess I’m not a huge fan of flowering teas, since the quality of the tea can be sub-par, but I know plenty of people love to watch these unfold. Numi Tea have a bamboo flowering tea gift set and Teas Etc have a flowering tea set that comes with a glass mug.

Matcha Starter Kit

Matcha bowl
Photo copyright O-Cha[/ocha]

I bought this for Bec last year for her birthday (which falls a week before Christmas). If you want to introduce someone to the wonderful world of matcha, O-Cha’s matcha starter kit is the perfect introduction. You’ll get a tin of the matcha of your choosing, an authentic Japanese bamboo tea whisk and a bamboo matcha spoon. You can also add on other matcha accessories (chawan, water cooler, whisk holder) with a 10% discount.

Art of Tea also have a matcha set that comes with a tin of their ceremonial matcha, a whisk, whisk holder, matcha spoon and matcha bowl (chawan).

Tea Travel Mug

This is what I’ll be asking for this Christmas! As I found a couple of months ago when I wrote about travel mugs, there are plenty of options out there for the tea lover.

Matcha Bowls / Chawans

If you know someone who loves matcha, check out O-Cha’s collection of matcha bowls[/ocha] (chawans). I found myself drooling over these last week! They’re not cheap, but they’re handcrafted in Japan and they’re absolutely beautiful. A great gift for the matcha lover.



The IngenuiTea is a smart little device. Just put the tea leaves and water in it, allow it to steep, and then place it on top of your cup, which forces the tea to drain down.

My mom bought one of these for me years ago, and it’s been one of my favourite devices for brewing tea ever since. Easy to use and easy to clean. You can pick one up from Adagio or Teavana.

Tetsubin Tea Gift Set

A tetsubin is a cast-iron Japanese teapot. Art of Tea’s Tetsubin Tea Gift Set comes with a tetsubin, a trivet and a pair of teacups.

Stain Teacups

If you’ve been with me since the very start of this blog, you might remember these nifty teacups I wrote about back then. The cups start out white, but as you use them the natural staining that comes from tea reveals an underlying pattern. Very cool. They’re available from designer Bethan Laura Wood.

Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide

I’ve been raving about Mary Lou and Robert Heiss’ The Story of Tea ever since I started this blog! It’s been an indispensable guide to the world of tea and I heartily recommend it. A well-designed, easy to read guide to tea, covering everything from tea production methods to the health benefits of tea. Read my interview with Mary Lou Heiss or pick yourself up a copy of The Story of Tea from Amazon[/amazon].

The Harney & Sons Guide to Tea

I actually just received this in the mail today. Michael Harney’s Guide to Tea is a lovely book providing a valuable reference point for learning more about the huge variety of teas available out there. You’ll feel like a smarter tea drinker within five minutes of picking it up! Available from Amazon[/amazon].

Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East to West

This one is mostly about the history and culture of tea ? a fascinating story. I reviewed Liquid Jade earlier this year, so be sure to read my review to see whether it sounds like something you’d enjoy. It’s available from Amazon[/amazon].

Instant Human. Just Add Tea...

Tea Shirts

Eh, you’ll have to pardon the pun! CafePress has some great t-shirt designs with a tea theme. Personal favourites? Make Tea Not War, Tea is the New Black and Instant Human. Just Add Tea….

Sigg Bottle

While you’re on CafePress, check out the tea sigg bottle designs. A lot of political stuff on that page, but there’s a few nice tea-related ones. My pick of the bunch is the Make Tea Not War bottle.

Tea Posters

I assembled a little gallery of tea posters earlier this year, but there are countless other tea posters at AllPosters.com.


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    It seems (from my brief foray onto some of the suppliers’ websites) that (sadly) not all of them ship to Australia :( I would love one of those matcha sets though… heh, and a Tea Shirt, will have to investigate further…

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    Yes, unfortunately they don’t all ship here… Adagio for one doesn’t. Largely down to the fact that Australian Customs doesn’t let in teas with fruit pieces or seeds ? so shops like Adagio just have a blanket rule against sending to Australia. Sucks, because regular camellia sinensis without any other stuff added to it gets through Customs just fine.

    Anyway, rant over! O-Cha does ship here. I’ve ordered from them a couple times and had no issues. Very prompt delivery as well. Teas Etc and Art of Tea also ship to Australia, though I know Art of Tea is quite pricey.

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