Sorry ’bout that

Those of you subscribed to the RSS feed might have noticed a rather overwhelming stack of new posts from Tea Finely Brewed before the weekend.

I know what you’re thinking.

It’s been months of nothing Eric, and then you put up twenty posts in one day?

Sorry about that. Here’s the deal: Tea Finely Brewed is back. Not that it ever went anywhere, but there were some long overdue issues I wanted to sort through. Many of those have been ironed out, which means I can now shift my focus from site development to writing about tea, something I’ve sorely missed over the last couple of months.

You’d be amazed how much that hour of sitting down and really thinking about the tea I drink helps balance life out. I’ve got a cupboard full of wonderful teas to try, but when life is way too busy, I find it incredibly challenging to take that time out. Here’s to taking control of life and allowing plenty of time for family, tea and The Wire.

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