Make Your Own Ginger Tea

Ginger tea
Ginger tea

It’s been icy cold here in Melbourne for the last week, and tonight Bec and I rediscovered one wintry favourite: ginger tea.

Ginger tea can be bought in ready-made tea bags, but it’s really simple to make it with fresh ginger. If you’ve got some ginger lying around, here’s an uberquick guide to making your own ginger tea:

  • Step one: Peel a small block of ginger (I use about a tablespoon’s worth).
  • Step two: Chop it into little blocks, or grate it.
  • Step three: Steep it

Seriously, it’s that easy. The peeling can take a little while, but there’s something relaxing about putting this extra bit of effort into your cup of tea.

You can steep ginger as long as you please. Personally, I prefer steeping it for at least ten minutes before drinking. I don’t extract it then either; instead, I leave it in and let the tea get really spicy. On a cold winter evening, it doesn’t get much better than some hot ginger tea.


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