What’s a great gift for a tea lover?

Last year, I posted a little article with gift ideas for tea lovers. It was a pretty well-received post, and I still see people drop by it every now and then. I can only hope that some well-deserving tea lover has received a gift they love thanks to that post!

I only listed a handful of tea gifts that time, but there are many more worth mentioning. So I’ve set up a new page dedicated to tea gifts. It’s a bare shell at the moment, but bear with me — over time, every gift idea I add will be listed there, with some helpful categories to guide the desperate gift buyer.

I already have a bunch of ideas in mind – some I’ve reviewed on Tea Finely Brewed, some I haven’t – but I’d love to hear from you if you know of a gift idea for people who love tea. Have you ever received a great tea-related gift? What’s on your wishlist at the moment?


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    Does the question include gifts for those who love to host(ess) frequent afternoon teas? I love having dear friends over and displaying a luxurious and elegant spread and introducing some to the sophisticated ritual of having tea.

    In this light, beautiful fine china dessert pedestals would be a lovely and well-received gift.

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    Interesting idea Jennifer. Not 100% what I had in mind – I don’t really do the hosting thing so much – but I’ll keep it in mind if I come across some nice stuff!


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    Matcha Green Tea is a great gift for anybody interested in health, fitness, or even traditional Japanese culture.
    You can buy full ceremonial Matcha starter kits too, with the whisk and scoop etc.

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