Drinking Tea Helps You Lose Weight: Fact or Fiction?

Lose weight, drink tea
Lose weight. Drink tea? Photo by bensonkua.

Try searching for “green tea” on Google. Seriously. Do it.

Check out the right side of the page, where those sponsored links are. What’s being advertised? Tea, right? But chances are that the people selling the tea are trying to tell you that drinking tea – sorry, drinking their tea – will make you lose weight.

Take it with a grain of salt.

Tea can help you lose weight. A study by American and Japanese researchers back in 2001 found that drinking oolong tea increases your metabolism, thus leading to additional weight loss. But we’re talking moderate weight loss here, around 3% to 4%. Research in 2004 found that for people who had lost weight, drinking green tea didn’t help them keep their weight down.

Other studies seem to suggest the same thing: drinking tea may help you lose weight, but it’s hard to say how much or whether drinking tea will keep the weight off. Don’t believe people who are trying to tell you that drinking their tea will make you lose 50 pounds.

On that. I should mention Wu-Yi tea. I find it funny that marketers have opted to make Wu-Yi tea their miracle cure. Thing is, Wu-Yi is a region of China, known for producing fine oolong teas. But there’s nothing to suggest that oolong tea produced in Wu-Yi is any more powerful than other oolong teas. My suspicion is that the Wu-Yi branding is simply a ploy designed to trick people into thinking they’re getting some uber-exotic tea with amazing powers.

If you need to lose weight, eating healthier and exercising more often should be your first response. Don’t get swept up in the hype that greedy marketers are eager to peddle. By all means, drink tea. But don’t believe for a second that it’s a miracle cure.

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    I don’t know about losing weight but I can say I feel A LOT better drinking tea rather than coffee. I’ve been off the black stuff for almost a month and I feel more energetic and “lighter” in an inside kinda way :-)

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    Beth, absolutely. I think any potential weight loss you might get from drinking tea pales in comparison to the other benefits. One of the biggest ones of course being its status as an alternative to coffee:)

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    Yes, there is no ‘miracle cure’ to weight issues, and a healthy diet coupled with exercise cannot be replaced by any product, tea or otherwise. Of course, the benefits of drinking tea have been proven. I think Woolong (Wulong) tea is great and definiteyl will help in aiding weight loss, but of course a diet low in sweets, fats, cola, etc and regular exercise is needed.

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    Nice post. I really liked reading it.

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    The gross rate of winner of these weight loss courses of study which are constantly competing with every other is more or less the one. And the most ridiculous part is that these programmes all choke at the same vault in spite of doing really tall claims. This bechances because the trunk gets habituated to the stiffness through which it is set and alines itself to the new routine and the metabolic process slows down. You have to be cleverer than nature to be able to deception the body into dropping off weight. Without consecutive this step then you will constantly inquire why you cannot turn a loss burden.

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    Feiyan Tea is another Chinese tea renowned for its weightloss effects. May be worth trying both to see which works better ?

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    I think that one of the misleading aspects about the weight loss effects of tea is in what tea is replacing. If you were to take your average person who drinks nothing but pop (or soda, if you prefer) all day that’s loaded up with high fructose corn syrup and replaced their pop habit with tea, they’d probably use a decent amount of weight. However, that loss can be largely struck up to the reduction in sugar intake. Another factor invovled will be that it’s much easier for your body to get at the water in tea than that in pop, so you’re significantly less likely to retain water. Though, once you understand that, you’re left with a small increase in the weight loss when compared to an equivalent person who changes from pop to water.

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    Nice article, lose weight is a way of life, you need to think about your body it is your shrine.Think about what you eat, what you drink and what you do…after all, you just ‘pay’ for it in time…It start with extra the what can be seen – F A T….But the real problems are inside…and when you feel them… I also recommended YOGA as a way of life.Thanks,Sigal.

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    There are tons of ways to loose weight and knowing that green tea is one of that. You may drink green tea in its raw form but I prefer to mix a bit of lemon juice and honey to it so as to make the tea taste great. Also keep in mind that there is no restriction that you should drink tea only once per day; you can drink it as often as you want, and remember that the more you drink green tea, the faster you would lose weight.

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