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Direct Trade Tea: Interview with Beth Johnston from Teas Etc

Fair trade is something I’ve written about before on Tea Finely Brewed. I wrote last year about why I believe it’s important and before Christmas I shared a post about four online shops selling fair trade tea.

A while after writing that second article, I noticed a note on Teas Etc about direct trade tea. Until then, I hadn’t heard of this concept; intrigued, I asked Beth Johnston, Teas Etc’s tea purveyor, if she would mind sharing a bit more about what direct trade tea is, how it compares to fair trade, and her thoughts on fair trade tea in general. I hope you find her responses as interesting as I did!

Tea Bloggers: Interview with Jason Walker

One of the wiser voices in the tea blogging world is Jason Walker, who discovered tea while living in China. After returning home, Jason started Walker Tea Review, a website designed to help tea drinkers find good teas available online. He regularly posts video reviews of teas, which are a great learning tool because they show you how an experienced tea drinker prepares his tea.

I thought I’d catch up with Jason ? digitally, of course ? to learn more about his blog, the tea industry and more.

Big Island Tea: Interview with Eliah Halpenny, a Hawaiian Tea Farmer

A few weeks ago I wrote about Kilinoe Green Tea, a Hawaiian-grown tea sold by Narien Teas. Today, I’m really pleased to publish an interview with Eliah Halpenny, the tea farmer running Big Island Tea, the small eco-organic tea farm producing Kilinoe and other tea varieties. Eliah has a busy life ? as you’ll gather from reading the interview ? so I’m very thankful she took the time out to share more about her personal journey towards becoming a tea farmer, and her thoughts on the future of the Hawaiian tea industry.

Interview with Mary Lou Heiss, author of "The Story of Tea"

Today, I’m really pleased to publish an interview with Mary Lou Heiss. I have a small but growing collection of books about tea, and The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide, which Mary Lou penned with her husband Bob, is by far the most comprehensive resource on the subject. The Story of Tea takes an in-depth look at the world of tea, covering the various types of tea, major tea producing countries and regions, tea culture and its history – among other things. Seriously, if there’s one book about tea you should have, it’s this one.

I was excited to have the opportunity to ask Mary Lou a few questions about her personal tea journey, what led her to write The Story of Tea and how she sees the economic crisis affecting the tea industry.

Tea Bloggers: Interview with Lainie Petersen

When I first started blogging about tea, I was surprised to discover how many other people were out there doing the same thing. Seems I’m not the only one who’s overly obsessed with tea!

Today, I’m posting an interview I did with Lainie Petersen, who posts tea reviews, articles and other tea-related tidbits on her blog, Lainie Sips.