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Does Tea Hydrate or Dehydrate You?

Have you ever been told that tea dehydrates you? Whoever told you is wrong.

The claim that tea dehydrates is a long-standing myth. While tea does contain caffeine, and excess caffeine intake does have a diuretic effect, it takes 400mg of caffeine before that starts to happen. And considering the average cup of tea has less than 50mg of caffeine, even the most prolific tea drinkers should be pretty safe.

Drinking Tea Helps You Lose Weight: Fact or Fiction?

Try searching for “green tea” on Google. Seriously. Do it.

Check out the right side of the page, where those sponsored links are. What’s being advertised? Tea, right? But chances are that the people selling the tea are trying to tell you that drinking tea – sorry, drinking their tea – will make you lose weight.

Take it with a grain of salt.