4 Places to Buy Fair-Trade Tea Online

Fair trade is a tricky thing. I’ve written before about why I believe fair trade is important, but there’s a flipside: too often, fair trade tea is of lower quality to similarly-priced, non-fair trade tea. Which leaves a tea lover to decide between sacrificing quality or sacrificing an ethical stance.

Over the past year I have bought primarily non-fair trade tea, for one big reason: there are very few fair trade tea options around here in Melbourne, and the ones that I can find tend to be in teabag form. But one goal I’ve set for myself over the next few months is to explore some of the fair trade tea options available online. Here are four online tea stores that sell fair trade tea.

1. The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot have four fair trade organic teas:

You can also get The Tea Spot’s Black Label Organic Teas set, which includes all four of the teas above and ends up saving you about 20%.

2. Numi Organic Tea

Numi Organic Tea have quite an extensive range of fair trade teas, most of which are organic as well:

Also check out Numi’s Velvet Tea Caddy, which has four of their fair trade teas and could make a great gift idea. (Click here for more tea gifts).

3. Art of Tea

Art of Tea have a small selection of fair trade teas, all three of which can be bought together in their Fair Trade Tea Gift Set, which includes:

4. Rishi Tea

Rishi Tea have made a name for themselves with quite a huge range of fair trade teas. You can see all their fair trade teas listed here. Also be sure to check out their store on Amazon , which has some great discounts.


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    This is a useful list, and all of these companies are to be commended for their work encouraging (enforcing) equitable labor practices in the tea industry.

    The whole topic of Fair Trade is much more complicated than most people think it is. While Fair Trade certification does tell us that the production of the tea has passed the tests of the people awarding the certifications, it doesn’t always translate into a direct ongoing benefit to workers. It’s also important to recognize that just because something is not Fair Trade certified doesn’t mean that it is produced through the exploitation of workers. There are numerous small tea farms in China and Korea that will probably never be officially certified Fair Trade or organic, even though they follow equitable labor practices and don’t use chemical pesticides.

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    Thank you for taking the time to do this. Upton’s and Simpson and Vail also do some fairtrade teas. I am more familiar with them, but I am working on expanding my horizons and this will be a big help.

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    Good list!

    two leaves and a bud tea co is working on converting more of our teas to Fair Trade organic teas in the months that follow.”

    I look forward to this as I love their teas.

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    Partners tea only uses organic and fair trade ingredients…also they donate 1% of sales to womens initiatives like educating girls and micro loans..their founder Sarah Scarborough has direct relationships with many tea estates and had designed all her custom blends. I love the Goodnight Kiss as a decaf option at night. Please post this site on your list as well. Thanks Evelyn

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    I’m a tea addict. I could never get through an entire day without a cup of freshly-brewed tea. If you taste in tea is as eclectic as mine, it is not always possible to purchase FTC tea.The smell alone is enough to make my mouth water and the delicious sensation of fresh hot tea sliding down my throat is something that I always take time to relish during my tea break. Cheers!

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