19 Weird and Wacky Teapots

Teapots are more than just vessels for the beverage. They can also be a unique art form, as this collection of weird and wacky teapots shows. Just how functional these teapots are is debatable, but there’s no doubting the creators’ imagination.

Mobile Phone Teapot
One of many bizarre teapots created by The Teapottery. On sale for £29.95.
Mobile phone teapot

Teapot by Margit Nellemann
Margit Nellemann was giving away this handmade teapot earlier this month. I love the design on the pot.
Teapot by Margit Nellemann

Jules Verne Teapot
Created by Ismael.
Jules Verne teapot

Graceful Swan
Deb Babcock’s “Graceful Swan” is beautiful, but certainly not cheap: you can buy it for $159.
Deb Babcock teapot

Terrorist Teapot
This is actually a regular teapot with a balaclava tea cosy. Available from Suck.uk. Found via Padstyle.
Terrorist teapot

Double Giraffe Teapot
A nonfunctional teapot with two giraffes on top. Photo by spottedsushi.
Double giraffe teapot

The Lazy Teapot
The pot sits into a base and can be tilted, so you don’t have to lift the pot at all. You can also set the pot to boil water to a specific temperature. Created by Lotte Alpert. Via FreshHome.
Lazy teapot

Tipping Teapot
While we’re on the topic of tilting teapots, check out this one created by Joan Ulrich from Alexandria, VA, USA for the Third International Small Teapot Competition. Check out this link for a gallery of the entrants. Plenty bizarre ones there!
Tipping tea teapot

Avestruz Teapot
The Avestruz Tea Set by Daniel Marcelo Salvatore was designed to mimic an ostrich with its head in the sand. See it? Via Yanko Design.
Ostrich teapot

Zygo Teapot
The Zygo Teapot by Shaun Redsar was designed to enhance the “personal, spiritual and ceremonial” aspects of tea drinking. Via Yanko Design.
Zygo Teapot

Automatic Teapot
The Automatic Teapot has an inbuilt timer which you can set. At the right time, the teapot will automatically lift the loose leaves from the water. It is available from The Teaspot. Via Hostess.
Automatic Teapot

Hisako Mizuno
A beautiful modern teapot with inbuilt grooves for the matching tea cups. Found here.
Hisako Mizuno

Kangaroo Teapot
This isn’t the greatest representation of a kangaroo ever, but then it is a teapot. Found via Teapots, teapots, teapots.
Kangaroo teapot

Chicken Teapot
In keeping with the animal theme, here’s a chicken themed teapot. The photo was taken by Feet of Clay. Found via Teapots, teapots, teapots.
Chicken teapot

Boiled Egg Teapot
Created by Andy Titcomb. Found via Teapots, teapots, teapots.
Boiled egg teapot

Oil Container Teacup
I love the rustic look of this one. It was created by Sharon Bartmann and featured in the Teapots Across America exhibition.
Oil container teacup

Footed Teapot
This was another teapot on show with the Teapots Across America Exhibition. Created by Barbara Davis.
Footed teapot

Red Sand Blasted Slipper Teapot
Created by Jim Cornell, this was featured in Craft Alliance’s biennial teapot exhibition in St Louis. Via Teapots, teapots, teapots.
Sand blasted slipper teapot

A stylish, modern teapot made from 304 stainless steel, Pyrex, and food-grade silicone. Created by Joey Roth. Found via Snarf’d.

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  • 1

    This is almost too much for a tea-a-holic like me. Where was this when I was making out my Christmas wish list?

  • 2

    There are certainly plenty of weird ones there!! :) I like the one that is also a boiler. I need a better water boiler so I can set the twmperature to boil the water to!!

  • 3

    One of my weaknesses is teapots. I love the designs, shapes. It is fun to see designers let their hair down when it comes to teapots.

  • 4

    “Boil water to a specific temperature”? At sea level, water boils at 100C or 212F. unless you have a pressure vessel, it would be difficult, to say the least, to exceed the boiling temperature and the excess heat is literally boiled off.

    Neither advertising nor wishful thinking will alter the laws of physics.

  • 5

    I guess this may be a coffee pot…but check it out anyway


  • 6

    There are a number of beauties here but my fave is the Jules Verne teapot. What a marvel! It really seems like just that theme. I doubt it could be used at all for any actual tea but it’s an awesome work of art. –Teaternity

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