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Do you have a business in the tea industry? Advertise on Tea Finely Brewed to reach thousands of people who love tea.

Tea Finely Brewed receives over 10,500 monthly visitors and has over 16,500 page views per month. (Based on figures from January to March 2010)

I have seen a spike in the number of visits and orders since advertising with Tea Finely Brewed. Eric is very easy to work with and is always helpful.

Linda Louie from Bana Tea Company

Advertising options

There are three advertising spots on Tea Finely Brewed:

  • Ad #1: 300×250 block in sidebar above the fold
  • Ad #2: 486×60 block below single posts
  • Ad #3: 125×125 block in sidebar, below the fold

Based on these three advertising spots, there are a number of different advertising packages available.

Note: Advertisements are displayed on the homepage and the blog. The coupons and Tea Marketplace sections are separate and are not included in these advertising packages. For information about how to add your shop to The Tea Marketplace, please email me.

Premium Sponsorship (max 2 per month)

Premium Sponsorship is the best way to reach as many people as possible.

It includes an ad in each position, ensuring that your brand receives optimal exposure. There are two premium sponsorships available each month, so your ads are seen on 50% of sitewide page views.

You will have maximum flexibility in using your ad spots. Optimize your results by changing ads at different times of the month or by showing different ads on different categories.

Cost: $66 per month ($8 CPM for ~8,250 impressions)

Category Sponsorship (1 per category per month)

Category Sponsorship is ideal if your company specializes in a specific type of tea (or teaware), or you have a specific product you want to promote.

Sponsoring a specific category will mean that your ads are shown on every post in that category*, as well as on the category page. It includes an ad in each position to ensure best results.

As with Premium Sponsorship, you will have maximum flexibility in using your ad spots. Optimize your results by changing ads at different times of the month.

You can advertise on the following categories:

  • Green Tea. Cost: $47 per month ($15 CPM for ~3150 impressions)
  • Black Tea. Cost: $12 per month ($15 CPM for ~650 impressions)
  • Pu-erh Tea. Cost: $13 per month ($15 CPM for ~900 impressions)
  • Teapots and Tea Cups. Cost: $52.50 per month ($5 CPM for ~10,500 impressions)

* Note: If a post has been placed under multiple categories from the list above, the first listed category will be the one used to determine which ads to show.

Budget 125 x 125 Advertising (max 6 per month)

If you’re on a tight budget, you can take advantage of the 125×125 ad spot in the sidebar below the fold.

You can change your ad throughout the month to optimize your results. Your ad will be shown on a sitewide basis.

Cost: $16.50 per month ($1 CPM for ~16,500 impressions)

Discounted rates for companies with an affiliate program: If you have an affiliate program, you get a 25% discount off the prices listed above.

Get in touch

If you are interested in any of these advertising options, or have something else in mind, please contact me.

Please note, if you’re after paid text links, you’ve come to the wrong place. I am not offering to sell followed text links.

Need your teas reviewed?

In order to focus my efforts on building a single great website, rather than a fragmented mess, I have decided to limit my tea reviews to products featured in the Tea Marketplace. All reviews are integrated into the Marketplace, though they also all go out to the blog subscribers (currently around 300) through RSS and email; they are also featured heavily on the front page.

This means that if you want your teas to be reviewed on Tea Finely Brewed, you will need to at least agree to have those teas I review added to the Tea Marketplace. If you don’t have an affiliate program, this does cost a bit of money (click here for more detail), but in reality, there is a great benefit to having your teas listed in the Tea Marketplace with reviews, as reviewed teas are much more heavily emphasized than non-reviewed teas. The Tea Marketplace is also catered specifically towards people who are looking to buy tea, so the traffic to your site through these links is much more targeted.

Want your store’s products added to The Tea Marketplace?

If you would like to have your shop be a part of The Tea Marketplace, please get in touch with me via email for more details.

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